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I have used video as a tool for my creativity since I was young. I was grandfathered into the role I have today within Involve Church since my parents were founding members. Thanks to them and my peers within my church, I now have experience very few my age can say they have. I am ever grateful for the experiences that I have had to get me to where I am, and continue to have the desire to grow in my everyday life, and hope oppertunities will come that present that experience.

Support Graduation.mp4

Involve Church Graduation

One of - if not the best video edit I have completed to date. If any video should be watched, this is the one.

Trip to Kenya - Anthony Boyd and Ryan Frank

Kenya -
Religion in Africa

This short interview details all of the experience Ryan Frank and Anthony Boyd experienced during their week in Kenya. It was an amazing experience to work on this video, and I worked on it from the ground up.

Kenya Interview - Full.mp4

Projects W/ Personal Footage

Involve Countdown w Kids Voices.mp4
Involve Kids - Volunteer with us!.mp4
Nampa High Worship Night.mp4

Involve Church - 2023

Apply Your Faith LONG 2.mp4

Q1 2023

Serve Together, Be Together.mp4

Q2 2023

Serve With Excellence.mp4

Q3 2023

Love Your Neighbor v.f2.mp4

Q4 2023